Hi there! I’m Mikael and I’m a geographer and freelance cartographer from Finland. I draw all kinds of maps from both real and fictional places by commission. In addition, I offer consulting about fictional geography and worldbuilding.

Commissioned maps

  • Maps for fiction: Mapping and illustrating imagined or real places in cooperation with the author, drawing by hand or digitally
  • Maps for non-fiction and textbooks: general maps, thematic maps, geographical diagrams, digitally or hand-drawn
  • Maps for events: maps that can be modified by client
  • Maps for games: board games and TRPGs
  • Maps for private use: hand-drawn maps of important real places, imaginary maps based on real places or events, life story maps
  • Reproductions of historical maps

Price for a single commissioned map is usually between 250 € and 750 € (incl. VAT). The price depends on the size, style, level of detail, amount of background work and publication rights. The final price is negotiated case by case.

I also draw maps and other illustrations for postcards, posters, diplomas, brochures etc.

Consultation on fictional geography

I offer consulting on fictional geography, which means that I help people to build realistic and believable imaginary worlds based on geographical knowledge. Consultation usually happens with interaction and discussion with the client, and it can cover for example these themes:

  • Planetary systems, whole planets
  • Continents, tectonics, climates, ocean currents, landforms
  • Regions, states and borders
  • Traffic infrastructure, roads, locations of settlements
  • Cities, villages, buildings

Consulting usually includes some map sketches and it can also be part of a process to a publishable map. Consulting is charged with an hourly rate of 36 € / hour (incl. VAT).

You can contact me by sending email to mikael@orbigraphia.com or by filling in the contact form here.


Working with Mikael to produce a bespoke map as a gift was fun. He asked for feedback at every stage and the final product is great.
– Ross Purves, University of Zürich

Mikael is a true artist and a true professional. His talents have been invaluable to me and working with him is a pleasure!
– Nathaniel Webb, author

We have used Mikael’s map of Hiisilä in tuition at the University of Vaasa for a simulation course for Regional Studies. The map has a simply pleasant atmosphere to it, perhaps with an air of the 1940’s in its simple style.
– Ilkka Luoto, Lecturer at the University of Vaasa