Coloured map of Magran


Magran is a country that doesn’t exist, but it’s drawn so that it could. The map is inspired by atlases from the beginning of the 20th century, and it’s hand coloured and lettered with labels in six imaginary languages. The project took 17 months and it’s my most massive map project to date. Personal project, 2017-2019.

Murg and surroundings

A fictional map inspired by Swiss topographic maps. The names are real place names from Switzerland. Private commission, 2021.


A fictional city map inspired by the cities of Finland. Personal project, 2019.


A hand drawn map showing the topography of an Earth-sized fictional planet. Private commission, 2020.

A birthday map of important places

This map was commissioned as a birthday present, and it compiles important real-world places from a person’s life forming a fictional landscape. The map is merged from four large-scale maps and one small-scale map, with some completely fictional parts. Private commission, 2022.

Wiurila manor with surroundings, maps 1-3

A set of three maps about Wiurila manor near Salo, Finland. One of the maps is an actual map of contemporary Wiurila, and the other two are fictional maps. The series is a personal project that was exhibited at Wiurila in “Wiurilan kesä” summer exhibition 2021.

Fictional worldbuilding

This is a compilation of multiple maps drawn for a client in 2022 during a worldbuilding consulting process. The maps show the topography, climates and tectonics of a fictional planet that was built in the process based on the client’s initial thoughts about the world.

The Chancellor Grand American Hotel

A hand-drawn floor plan of the ground floor of a fictional hotel for Nathaniel Webb’s novel A Conventional Murder. Commissioned work, 2021.


Hiisilä is a fictional region somewhere in Finland. The map is a commission for University of Vaasa and it is used in a simulation course in the Regional studies. Commissioned work, 2020.

New Year’s islands

A small fictional map inspired by old atlases. Personal project, 2019.

Alternative climate zones

Climate map of an alternative Earth in Köppen classification. Drawn with Inkscape and QGIS.
Private commission, 2020.

Alternative currents

Ocean currents of an alternative Earth, drawn with Inkscape and QGIS. Private commission, 2020.