A map drawn for testing a somewhat traditional fantasy map style. Background texture is added digitally. Personal project, 2019.


A map of the town of Lackmore. Drawn for Nathaniel Webb’s novel “Bard City Blues”. Commissioned work, 2023.

Map of Lackmore

The Lands of Nasrin

A fantasy map about a fictional world with multiple detailed city illustrations, a foliage frame and over 200 place names. Commissioned work, 2022.

A life story map

A fantasy map commissioned to be given as a birthday gift. The map combines various places from the person’s life. Commissioned work, 2023.

Lifestory map

Xiao continent

A map drawn for author Brandon Varnell for the upcoming series “Severing Time & Space”. The map depicts an East Asian inspired world with several nations. Labels of the map are added later digitally. The original map is hand drawn to a textured paper, sot there are no digital effects. Commissioned work, 2021.

The Darkstar Dimension in The Flight of the Darkstar Dragon

A map for Benedict Patrick’s novel “The Flight of the Darkstar Dragon”. The map is featured in the second edition of the book, published in 2022. The Darkstar Dimension is a bubble-like ocean-world with floating rocks, rifts which are portals to other worlds, and the Darkstar at the centre of everything. Commissioned work, 2021.

The Darkstar Dimension in The Return of the Whalefleet

A map for Benedict Patrick’s novel “The Return of the Whalefleet”, published in 2022. The map is similar to the Darkstar map in the first book of the series, but with updated details and an insert floorplan of the Mudhut. Commissioned work, 2021.

The Forgotten Lands

The Forgotten lands is a redrawing of and old fantasy style map that I drew as a teenager. The map is intentionally circulating fantasy cliches, aimed at reaching the essence of a fantasy map. Personal project, 2018.

The Forgotten Lands

Vanain maa

A fictional map drawn as a private commission, featuring important place names from the client’s family history. Hand drawn and coloured in A3 size, 2021.

Haegrabredne Abresd

A fantasy map with mythical creatures and strange language. Personal project, 2023.

Unicorn map

The Crescent Atoll

A map drawn for author Benedict Patrick’s novel “To Dream And Die As A Taniwha Girl”, published 2020. The map, as the Atoll, is inspired by Polynesian culture. The Atoll is also the location of Patrick’s other novel, “Where the Waters Turn Black”. Commissioned work, 2020.

The Gifted Nations

Two maps drawn for author Nathaniel Webb for the trilogy Veil of Worlds. Maps are published this far at the novel Arcadia Mon Amour, 2021. Drawn digitally with Inkscape and QGIS. Commissioned work, 2021.

A life story map

A fantasy map showing the life story of a couple, drawn for an anniversary gift. The map shows different eras in life as separate continents and islands, and the map is full of small details, references to different memories and Easter eggs. Commissioned work, 2021.

Islands of Sabolla

A map of the fictional islands of Sabolla and the border changes following a war, inspired by maps from the 17th century. Personal project, 2018.

The Riverland

The Riverland is a land where everything is wrong with rivers. The idea of this map is to show how rivers do not work in real world. Personal project from 2020, inspired by a monthly challenge in Cartographers’ Guild.

Star map

A semi-fictional star map, inspired by 17th century celestial maps, with star names invented by my then 3-year-old son. Personal project, 2020.

Temple of the King

A small location map inspired by Mapvember challenge. Personal project, 2018.


A fantasy map illustration for a bookmark, 2019.

These bookmarks are sold at the moment at Wetterhoff in Hämeenlinna, Alnilam shop in Helsinki, Tarotpuoti in Hämeenlinna and also at Tarotupuoti’s online store.